Sharpness redefined: Next generation lens correction

We have released version 2.5 with significantly improved processing speed. Click here for more information. piccure+ is now compatible with Adobe® Photoshop®/Lightroom® CC 2015. Simply download the latest installers and run them again. This will not affect your license. (June 17th, 2015) piccure+ is fully compatible with Win 10 (Aug 4th, 2015)

Correct optical aberrations and camera shake like never before

piccure+ is a new application capable of correcting optical aberrations and camera shake that cause a lack of sharpness in your images. It integrates seamlessly as a plugin (filter) into Adobe® Photoshop®, Photoshop® Elements and Lightroom®. It can also be called directly from within DxO Optics Pro® and PhaseOne CaptureOne®. piccure+ also works as standalone including RAW converter – everything for just 99 USD*.

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piccure+ uses a novel method that essentially inverts the optical processes that cause images to look blurry. With the help of piccure+, your equipment can now be upgraded with a mouse click. piccure+ is useful for both expensive fast lenses as well as economic zoom lenses. You will often be able to match the sharpness of lenses costing several thousands of dollars with equipment costing a mere fraction of that amount, and finally get that “crisp” touch with your prime lens wide open. No other solution gives your equipment a similar upgrade. The improvements get more substantial with increasing image size: many lenses cannot match today’s sensor resolution of up to 36 or even 50 megapixels. Only with the latest and best lenses, and ideally with a camera mounted on a tripod will you directly benefit from these large sensor resolutions. In all other cases, piccure+ can help you make full use of your sensor.

Don’t lose 40-80% of your sensor resolution to lens softness

piccure+ is primarily aimed towards professional photographers shooting 20+ MP RAW images. However, many photographers don’t know that they lose 40-80% of their sensor resolution to lens softness. Even the latest lenses often cannot match the resolution of modern camera sensors. DxOLabs (famous for their camera and lens tests) evaluated many of the most recent Nikon lenses with the following results (sensor resolution vs. Perceptual MPix). You can take a look at this more extensive article.




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Currently, piccure+ is the most advanced tool in the field of computational photography and essentially defines the state of the art. Lenses are bound by the laws of optics and lens designers have to strike a difficult balance by trading off image quality with conflicting goals such as price, speed, and weight of a lens. Additional imperfections occur due to manufacturing tolerances. The end result is usually sub-optimal image quality. We tackle this problem using computational photography and machine learning. piccure+ helps you when your lens operates at the edge of its design capabilities and can give you a significant quality improvement. Its effect will be greatest for large optical aberrations.
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  • The quality of fine detail sharpening is amongst the best I’ve seen. In many examples, it just looks as if I’m now seeing the limits of sensor resolution much more clearly.

  • I found Piccure+ an excellent tool for those of you craving “a greater grip on reality.” It was able to enhance a number of images in my collection that I’d abandoned because the results I could obtain through Photoshop or Lightroom just didn’t live up to my expectations.

  • piccure+ does real math with your original images as they come out of camera to make them sharper and cleaner. There isn’t a serious photographer out there, who cannot benefit from piccure+

  • In practice I found that piccure worked very well, often better and more quickly than the shake reduction in Photoshop CC […] It’s definately a valuable tool to have available in your toolbox

  • Piccure Plugin Magically Reduces Camera Shake, Beats Adobe to the Punch.

  • Piccure shines, letting you polish away the little blurs that mar an otherwise perfect shot.

  • I was quite surprised indeed, nice job the actual render time was super quick even on Highest quality about 4 seconds.

  • From my test I can see PICCURE did an incredible job of removing camera shake induced artifacts and blurriness!

  • Awesome results. I shoot gigapans often at extreme distances and am sometimes plagued by shutter induced shake with 300-400mm lenses even when mounted on a solid tripod. […] Anyway your product is a godsend. Thanks.

    — Alan
  • However, of most importance – the corrections range from very good to amazing! I have been blown away by how well a fuzzy picture can be corrected!

    — Ken
  • There was not a better time for me to have found this plugin. I honestly think it’s a gift from god.[…] A lot of my friends are going to be extremely happy.

    — Anonymous
  • Of the anti shake plug ins I have used this is the best and the fastest. I think you are on the right track.

    — Anonymous


How is it any different from the competition?


There are two main differences: 1) piccure+ fixes errors specifically for the image at hand. There are significant copy-to-copy variations in both lenses and camera bodies. This limits the effectiveness of “lens profiles” that are only specific to your lens model, but not to the actual lens you got, let alone to your camera body. 2) piccure+ uses a process called deconvolution to reverse the blur. This is much more complex than the classical “unsharp masking” operations and can correct complex blurs (e.g. coma, spherical aberrations). It’s extremely difficult to do well. psf

Currently, piccure+ is the only solution capable of correcting spatially varying optical aberrations by means of blind deconvolution. Other tools may promise you deconvolution but they do not account for the variation of optical aberrations across the image. With piccure+, you get the most advanced tool currently on the market to correct those aberrations.

A click and 5 mins that really may make your day

Download piccure+ and invest 5 mins of your time to test it. Think of it as an investment since you may save a lot of money on equipment in the future. Take a look at "3 steps to better images". piccure+ is hassle free, easy to use. No restart required.


Great for landscape and architecture photographers

Photo by Mihai P
piccure+ is a great tool for landscape and architecture photographers: not only can you counter diffraction and thus increase image sharpness – you can also reverse the effects from micro-shakes that can affect image sharpness. Micro-shakes can be caused by vibrations of the camera. In addition, piccure+ can correct optical aberrations even from TS lenses. Generally we recommend the settings “Lens+”, “Micro/Normal” and “Quality+” for landscape and architecture photography. Diffraction can usually be corrected with the setting “Micro”.

Great for wildlife photographers

Photo by Soren Nielsen
You have been waiting for hours for the perfect shot – and yet it did not come out as crisp as you wish it did? Wildlife photographers face difficult situations. They work with long focal lengths, fast moving subjects and need to show a great deal of persistence. piccure+ can really be a great addition for any serious wildlife photographer: counter small camera movements with the camera shake reduction to get crystal clear shots. Correct complex optical aberrations (e.g. color fringing, CA) with the Lens+ module. Shooting with an extender to get the focal length you need? No problem: piccure+ can correct optical aberrations and sharpen your image even when using an extender/teleconverter.

Get it right in macro-photography

Photo by Yvonne Spaene
Macro-photographers often modify their equipment to their needs (e.g. reverse lens) or even build it up by themselves to get as close to the subject as possible. When shooting fast apertures, lens softness can often be a real problem. piccure+ can improve the sharpness of your images with the Lens+ engine by determining the optical aberrations individually for your lens – no calibration required. We usually recommend the settings “Lens+”, “Micro or Normal” and “Quality or Quality+”. You may switch on Denoise (e.g. 5-10).

Don’t waste a shot in action/sports photography

Photo by Yaroslav Segeda
You risk everything for the right shot – you deserve the quality advantage of piccure+. Get the best and most natural sharpness for your images and eliminate all traces of optical imperfection. You shoot with the fastest lenses and with high resolution cameras – this is exactly what piccure+ was optimized for.

Get the most out of your scans/vintage images

Photo by Christopher Boswell
Even your scans can be corrected with piccure+. Our software does not need any lens profiles and can cope with aberrations from vintage lenses. Generally we recommend the setting “Strong” and “Quality+” in the “Lens+” mode for the best results if the image suffers from blur.

piccure+ complements your existing tools

It may appear that piccure+ aims to replace your Adobe® Lightroom®, DxO Optics Pro® or Adobe® Photoshop® software solution – since all promise a lens correction module. But be reassured: piccure+ has different strengths, and although it can be run in standalone mode, it complements the above tools nicely.

Comparison piccure+ and other tools

We know that many of you use Adobe® Lightroom®, Adobe® Photoshop® CC, DxO Optics Pro® or PhaseOne Capture One®. This is why we have optimized piccure+ to integrate seamlessly as a plugin to ensure that your workflow changes are minimal. piccure+ can even be called directly from DxO Optics Pro® and PhaseOne CaptureOne®. Our handbook provides details on how to integrate piccure+ efficiently in your existing workflow (e.g. Actionscript support). The larger the optical aberrations are, the less useful your current tools will be. Find out more using this Link.
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Unlike most investments in photography, this investment will not render your current equipment obsolete. In fact, the opposite is the case. All your lenses and images will receive a significant upgrade that could be worth several thousand dollars. Our software supports every camera and lens because it does not rely on any lens profiles.
piccure+ works by automatically identifying the optical aberrations of your lens, and reversing the effect, thus recovering the image without all the lens softness and chromatic aberrations. piccure+ significantly increases image sharpness. If you are inclined to invest $3,000 in a new lens—hold off and let piccure+ give your old equipment a second chance.

The technology behind piccure+ is completely different from current software solutions. Instead of applying unsharp masks to make an image appear sharper, or rely on lens profiles that may not work well for your copy of a lens, our software solution determines your equipment’s actual optical aberrations and reverses them through a process called deconvolution. NASA has used a similar technology to rescue one of their most prestigious projects—the Hubble Space Telescope (Link).


Have you ever been disappointed by your old lenses and a 36+MP sensor?

Even if you spend a (little) fortune on better and bigger sensors the image quality may not increase: many lenses are simply not capable of matching the image sensor resolution. Materials and optical design of those older lenses are no match for the small pixels of modern full-frame cameras. However, piccure+ can recover fine structures and details – so your older lenses may work just as well with the new sensor as long as you use piccure+.


Lack of sharpness can have many reasons – now there is ONE solution

piccure+ is the only software solution on the market that can correct optical aberrations by means of blind image deconvolution. It was developed by a team of professionals to meet the needs of professional photographers.

Correct optical flaws

The Lens+ engine determines a "virtual lens" for each image: the optically flawless version of your lens used and reverses the effects of lens softness and chromatic aberrations. With sophisticated deconvolution routines as used by military and space agencies significantly better images can be achieved.

Correct camera shake

The Motion+ engine is the further improved version of the world's first commercial camera shake reduction functionality. It can not only correct medium and severe camera shakes, but even detect and reverse micro-shakes and thus improve image sharpness drastically.

Developed for professionals

piccure+ was developed and optimized for professionals: it works as a standalone with full RAW support or integrates as a plugin for Adobe® Photoshop®, Lightroom® and Photoshop® Elements. Action scripting is supported, just like ICC color profiles (e.g. ProPhotoRGB). A powerful denoising routine will further improve the quality of the result. You will not need to adjust your workflow - piccure+ integrates seamlessly.


Easy to use, different and yet powerful

piccure+ has an easy-to-use interface, so you do not need a degree in computer science to get the most out of your images. piccure+ is different. Many classical sharpening tools try to create fake sharpness by increasing contrast or simply applying un-sharping masks. The images appear sharper but the truth is, image information is irrecoverably destroyed. piccure+ does not try to deceive you. It estimates the amount of image degradation caused by optical flaws or camera movement and reverses those effects through sophisticated deconvolution algorithms. Some other programs rely on predefined lens profiles that have little to do with your actual equipment. Would you spend money on having your hair cut based on some predefined profile? No? The same advice goes for lenses.

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